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About The Sari Dienes Foundation

The Sari Dienes Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization and is a charity registered with the New York State Department of Law. It was incorporated with two main missions:

1. To manage, preserve, promote and research the artwork and career of Sari Dienes (1898-1992).

2. To facilitate the work of living artists, including those in fine arts, dance, theater, and music, by awarding grants from the Foundation’s earnings generated from the sale of Sari Dienes artworks and contributions, and by serving as a conduit for grants going to artists.

The Sari Dienes Foundation was incorporated in 1979 to be the owner entity of the art collection and archive of Sari Dienes, which includes her own body of work from c.1930 to 1992, and works by other artists in her possession. The Foundation has served as an umbrella organization for receiving grants from New York State Council on the Arts and other grant-giving bodies for many artists in Rockland County including dancers, composers, musicians, orchestras, painters, and puppeteers.

Sari Dienes is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York.

A selection of Sari's work may be viewed at the Ear Up Gallery, 326 Spring Street, New York.
For an appointment please email.

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All works by Sari Dienes remain the copyright of the Sari Dienes Foundation. For licensing requests please contact:

111 Broadway, Suite 1006
New York, NY 10006
tel: 212 736 6666
fax: 212 736 6767

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Board of Trustees
Rip Hayman, Director
Fredric S. Brandwein
Charles Morrow
Joan Harmon
Rachel Hadas
Shalom Gorewitz

Advisory Board
Paul Eyre
Jon Hendricks
Johanna Vanderbeek
Paco Underhill
Pamela Seymour Smith Sharp

Barbara Pollitt

Sari Dienes Foundation
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